Top 10 Nations For High Speed Broadband Internet Connection

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Only Japan has the broadband quality to cope with next-generation internet applications such as video on demand, as well as peer-to-peer file sharing. Most ISPs have used flat rate pricing model. Overselling bandwidth is regular practice. Some ISPs estimate that about 5% of users consume about 50% of the total bandwidth.
Top quality broadband nations:

1. Japan
2. Sweden
3. Netherlands
4. Latvia
5. Korea
6. Switzerland
7. Lithuania
8. Denmark
9. Germany
10. Slovenia

According to study:

Japan’s early commitment to investing in broadband made it the only country prepared to deliver the necessary quality for next-generation web applications over the next three to five years.

Without high-quality broadband, we will not be able to take full advantage of the next wave of productivity, collaboration and entertainment that can be gained from the web.

The standard broadband technologies in most areas are DSL and cable modems. However, use of newer technologies such as VDSL, optical fiber connections may make transmission more cost effective in a long run than copper wire technology.


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  1. Anonim // 7:54 AM  

    I think Indonesia can do the same thing like those 10 countries... If our nation can be better human.

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